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7 Day Smoothie Slim Down

It’s that time of the year again where everyone makes the decision to get healthy!! So many people make New Year’s resolutions and by the second or third week, the enthusiasm fades and the resolutions are forgotten. Feelings of failure and shame start to flood their minds with the thoughts of impossibilities. That is why […]

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Veggie Quiche

I have been pescatarian for almost a year now which means I eat fish and seafood and I do not consume certain animal products especially chicken, turkey, pork, beef, or any other red blooded animal that walks the planet. I have adopted a more plant based diet meaning eating mostly freshly grown foods such as fruits, […]

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Oh Baby!!!

Pregnancy Planning Are you planning to have a baby? When I say planning, I don’t necessarily mean within the next month or two. If you are a woman of child bearing age that plans to ever have kids then you fall into the category of “planning.” When we think of “planning” for a baby, the […]

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Need Money NOW?

Are you a handy person and you need money now? Maybe you are trying to make it to a payday or you need extra money to pay for an unexpected expense? We have all been there and sometimes money is tight and you have to find a way to make things happen. This may be just […]

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healthy snacking

12 Power Snacks for Daily Fuel

Feeling hungry? Don’t be. Hunger is something that you can fight with confidence once I share with you some nutrient rich snacks to fuel your body. Having snacks with you can make all the difference in combating hunger pains and annoying stomach growling. All you really need is some lean protein balanced with nutrient-rich carbohydrates from whole […]

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Pico de Gallo with Cilantro

I am in love with pico de gallo. Not only do I love eating pico on my tacos but I love to sprinkle in my beans, over rice, in soups, on some tortilla chips, over potatoes, over seafood you name it. Where there is pico I will devour it. I have created this amazing but […]

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