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IMG_20160121_225217_641000Genevieve Brent completed her Masters of Science Degree and Dietetic internship at Prairie View A&M University. 
After graduating and working in various settings, she quickly realized her purpose and passion as a registered dietitian nutritionist.

Genevieve is definitely your “non-traditional” dietitian. When it comes to nutrition, this compassionate dietitian is unceasingly dedicated to discovering and creating new and exciting ways to live a healthier lifestyle beyond the kitchen and food prep. She is committed to increasing awareness to nutrition and how it affects the mind, body, and healing.

Genevieve has found her niche in disease prevention and the proper nourishment throughout early phases of life. After experiencing patients suffering from nutrition related diseases in the hospital setting, she thought “How can I reach out to people before sickness and disease occurs within their bodies?” After careful evaluation of these thoughts The Remedy was created.

Genevieve Brent is the owner and founder of The Remedy. The Remedy aims to providing life changing nutrition counseling and education services to inspire change in people that are looking to make healthy lifestyle modifications to improve quality of life and prevent disease. The Remedy believes that when dietary intake is wrong then there is room for sickness and disease to manifest within the body but when dietary intake has been corrected, the body can be the miracle it was designed to be. The Remedy takes a “one on one” approach to evaluating each client’s individual needs and creating a program that fits right into their daily routine.

The Remedy offers nutrition services for weight management, grocery store tours, meal planning, nutrition classes, nutrition therapy and disease management. The Remedy likes to focus on disease prevention for those in “pre-disease” states such as pre-diabetic, pre-hypertension, pre-kidney diseases.

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